how to reheat a burrito

How to reheat a burrito

Burritos are probably the most selling items in the restaurant. In Latino language, Burro means Donkey, so Burrito is little Donkey. If you start looking for recipes you will see that there is no such ingredient as donkey meat, so I wonder why they call it like that.

How to reheat a burrito
How to reheat a burrito

Everything I could learn and I will tell you are a tale of how this was sold a long time ago. A long time ago, in Mexico, this tortilla was sold by Juan Mendez who was using a donkey cart. The tortilla cover is used to keep warm all the ingredients inside, and after that, it started to be called as we know it today, “Burrito”.

How to Reheat a Burrito?

Burritos have so much special taste and it is best to be eaten while it is still warm. So if you leave it for a while and it gets cold, all you need to do is to re-heat it.

There are a few ways to do that:

  • Using an Oven
Burrito Using an Oven
Burrito Using an Oven

For this, you will need of course the burrito and a Foil. First of all, you will need to pre-heat the oven on around 350 F degrees. Prepare the aluminum foil and then wrap the burrito inside of it. Then put the burrito inside and it should be heated well in about 15 minutes or so. Take it out and don’t leave it again!



  • With Microwave
Burrito With Microwave
Burrito With Microwave

In this case, you need a burrito, instant thermometer, a serving dish from the microwave, and a bit of water. First of all, you will have to moisten the tortilla. On the top of the tortilla sprinkle a small amount of water, but you have to be careful not to
make the whole tortilla wet, but only the exposed parts. In the microwave dish put the burrito and then cook it at a high temperature. After a minute, open it and turn the burrito on the other side. Wait another minute. Then open the microwave and with the instant thermometer check the temperature of the burrito if it’s around 165 F degrees. You will need to repeat this process for every part of the burrito. If not every part of burrito has the similar temperature reheat it again for a half a minute and it should be all done. Remove it and start eating!


  • Using Skillet
Burrito skillet
Burrito skillet

For this process, you need the burrito, something to turn it like tong and a skillet. First is first, heat the burrito on a low temperature in the skillet, cover it and heat it for around 5 minutes, and to avoid burning you have to flip the burrito every 2
minutes. The tortilla will become crispy, but very, very delicious.

There are much more ways to reheat the burrito but this is maybe the best ones. The method usually depends
on the type of the burrito you have.

Each type of burrito has different wrapping method as much as they have different filing. Depending on the type of meat it is inside of the burrito the time to reheat it will vary.

There are:

  • Traditional Mexican burrito
  • Mission burrito
  • California burrito
  • Breakfast burrito
  • Wet Burrito
  • Chimichanga and
  • Kogi burrito

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