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A Simple Cure For A Menstrual Abnormality

Several years ago, my menstrual cycle started one day and it would not go away. This continued for months before I made my way to the doctor’s office. She seemed puzzled about what the problem could possibly be, so she ran a battery of tests.

After numerous tests, she still had no clue what the problem was and she advised me to go to a specialist. She said she would work closely with them and give me a treatment based on their advice. I agreed and went to see two separate specialists. Terribly, neither of them was able to figure out what my problem was.

The next time I visited my doctor, I was menstruating quite heavily and I was becoming increasingly concerned. At this point, she suggested that I consider a hysterectomy as a cure. I was only 24, so the thought of never being able to have children was too much for me to consider at that time. I decided to thank her for her time and look for my own solution.

Doing a ton of Internet research was great since I found a name for the condition I was dealing with – menorrhagia. There were stories all over the Web from people who had similar problems. I decided to take the advice of one of these people and try a megadose of vitamins A and D. This worked and my problem was resolved in a matter of weeks. I have not had that problem since then.

The sad thing is that it took a random person to lead me in the right direction. If I had listened to my doctor, I would be sitting somewhere with all of my female organs removed. I guess sometimes your doctor really does not have the best answers.