Postpartum Abdominal Weakness

Postpartum Abdominal Weakness – A Solution To A Problem That Confronts Many Mothers

Struggling to get your pre-pregnancy abdominal tone back is a problem faced by many mothers. In fact, following
pregnancy it can feel like you are never going to enjoy the curves you had in the past. This one thought alone can contribute to feeling of depression and frustration.

The first step in finding a solution to the problem is accepting one simple fact; pregnancy, as wonderful as it is, takes a big toll on a woman’s body. So much stress is put on the system that the ability to simply ‘bounce back’ after pregnancy is anything but easy. Think for a moment about what your body goes through during pregnancy, from the hormone changes to the doubling of blood volume your body deals with a lot of change.

So what is the solution to postpartum abdominal weakness?

Physical therapists specifically trained in the area have identified ways to treat problems with soft tissues, muscles and organs in the abdominal area. The treatment involves restoring the efficiency and mobility of the systems within the area.

For example, abdominal muscles which have been scarred cannot be contracted the way they previously would have been able to. This means that a woman’s body tends to compensate by using the wrong muscles. As you can imagine this can lead to a vicious circle where more damage is caused rather than the problem being rectified.

Gentle manipulation can increase the mobility of the muscles and organs, this in turn allows the abdomen to contract normally. Once these issues have been rectified, a sore strength program can be started under the supervision of a professional. With all these important elements coming together, a woman should find that she can make quick progress in getting her stomach back to how it was before.

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