The Top 3 Handwheel Suppliers

The idea for getting the top 3 handwheel suppliers is in knowing that the products are high quality (not just handwheels, also for hand knobs). Aluminum, steel, and stainless steel are the top three materials for their ability to endure even in bad weather. They are among the most durable.

Using cast iron may seem like a good idea. Though, cast iron is technically very brittle, and it will give way and could break if it is bumped, dropped, or rolls off of its fitting.

There are many manufacturers, though most handwheels will be sold to consumers through the top 3 suppliers. I chose aluminum because I wanted to see how I liked one handwheel type over another. Aluminum is very utilitarian and lasts a long time while carrying a low-cost price tag.

Many are made in China, and that’s why it is important to go to a site where the supplier, or retailer has a no-fuss return policy. What is more helpful is customer feedback or reviews on the actual products.

It alerted me to some issues I would encounter with the plastic handwheels for my purposes. That’s just some of the reasons I chose a retailer that I trust over the claims of the manufacturers.