what is a burrito sleeve ?

A fresh fashion trend with burrito sleeve

Wondering what is a Burrito sleeves? Well, it is one of the latest fashion trends of the time which is no more limited to just your simple dinner dress. Burrito is actually a sewing method that uses a real handy technique to get over the openings on any sleeveless top wear. The Burrito sleeve, have hems in the neckline and the sleeves in an inside-out pattern which gives it a stylish seamless look. This particular method suggests working with three openings, the neckline and the two sleeves.
How to make a Burrito sleeve?
Burrito sleeve can be made on any sleeveless or cap-like sleeves that do not have any back seaming. First of all get any two fabrics of your desire to make one outer layer and the other one as the inner layer.

• Sew the shoulder seams and the edges neatly. Keep the outer layer on the

what is a burrito sleeve
what is a burrito sleeve

inner side and the inner layer at the outer side. You need to make sure that both the outer and inner lining has synchronized front and back. Now start pinning around the neckline and shoulders.

• Stitch around the neckline to get rid of the uneven edges. After completing the neckline, turn back the dual layer in such a way that the outer and inner fabrics are at wrong sides to each other and press the seams. Once done, move to work on the arm opening.

• Next, we will start sewing the first arm opening. In order to do that, keep the cloth on a flat surface and place the two unseamed sides on your two sides, that is, the back portion is must be on your left and front part on your right.
• Now start folding up cloth right from the bottom-most part of the fabric. Do not spare the inner fabric while rolling up. Continue rolling up until you reach the shoulder seams. This roll is what we call the Burrito, thus making the dress with Burrito sleeves.

• Right after the Burrito stage, start pinning up the rolled fabrics to make sure the estimated seam on the sleeve is flawless. Keep the rolled fabric apart and start sewing the curved sleeve line and try reaching between the inner and outer lining layers right from the bottom of the burrito.

• Once done with the first sleeve opening, place the fabric flat on a table in such a way that the front part of the top is on your left-hand side and back part on your right-hand side. This time start rolling the fabric away from you until it takes the shape of a Burrito.

• Just like the first-hand opening, pin the evenly curved sleeve opening and start giving it a perfectly finished sew. Complete sewing the sides of the top and press properly for better finishing.
Congratulations! You are now ready with the all-new trendy burrito sleeves. Well, burrito sleeve was not so popular until few celebrities were spotted wearing one. So get yourself a burrito sleeve top or t-shirt before you find them out of stock.


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burrito sleeve
burrito sleeve


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