what is a wet burrito ?

What is a Wet Burrito

what is a wet burrito ?
what is a wet burrito ?

Mexican food has become a popular cuisine around the world because of the distinct flavors, simple recipes and because preparation is always a social activity. Burritos, the most common grab and go meal under the Mexican realm, has spread throughout the world and made into different versions. The wet burrito is the example of one of these fusion foods, which is a delectable dish that can easily be served as a dinner course or even just your packed lunch.

How it originated

A lot of people get confused and ask, what is a wet burrito? Also called mojado (Soanish for wet), wet-burrito is a basic burrito lathered with the red chili sauce, similar to an enchilada sauce. It is eaten with a fork instead of eating it with bare hands.

Today, the best wet burritos are served by restaurants in the Michigan area, just where it originated. However, it’s very easy to cook your own version whenever you need to satisfy a wet burrito craving. This article will talk about creating your own version and finding the right mix that suits you well.

How to make your own wet burritos

How to make your own wet burritos
How to make your own wet burritos

A burrito is prepared by first seasoning the meat on a skillet, ideally ground beef. It is combined with onions, garlic, cumin, salt and pepper. Beans and chilies are added in to add flavor levels.

The next step is to prepare the sauce. The chili, tomato sauce and enchilada sauce are combined in a saucepan to simmer and blend together. Take note that there are no beans in the sauce, but tomato chunks can be added for texture. If you are a cheese lover, adding grated mozzarella in can add a creamy saltiness that Mexican food is famous for.

The last step is the assembly. Anyone who has done tacos or burritos before will find this easy, and is done bu laying down the warmed tortilla wrap and by adding the ingredients. The first is the beef in the center, topped with shredded lettuce and tomatoes. Beans can be added, as well as an extra serving of grated cheese. Sometimes, Mexican rice is added but it is seldom done with wet burritos. The sauce is then smothered on top, and topped with a variety of vegetables, melted cheese and garnish.

When to serve wet burritos

Wet burritos may not be ideal to bring as an easy grab and go meal, but it is ideal for packing to school or work. The secret is to separate the sauce and the burrito so that it does not get too soggy. It is good for picnics and serving at potlucks.

Another way to impress guests by having them over is by creating different colors of sauces depending on green or red chilies. You can deconstruct the ingredients and have a little wet burrito station to save you the fuss from food preparation. It is also a good ice breaker.

The possibilities are endless with wet burritos, and just like Mexican food, the beauty is that you can adapt it to however you like it. Try a wet burrito and see the possibilities when you mix and match your ingredients.

How to Make Wet Burritos

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